3.8 HO 240hp Performance Engine Kit

COMPLETE 3.8/4.1L Jeep JK KIT 240hp/260tq power 2007-2011 Performace parts: stage 1, 2 or 3 torque monster camshaft Customer uses original crankshaft Cusom forged pistons coated .030 or .060 pistons (includes rings) 10:1 or 9:1 compression -...

  • Price: $1,999.00

3.8 Jeep JK ONE Piece Rear Main Seal

3/8" thick

No leak rear seal kit - fix you leaking Jeep!!

505 Performance 

  • Price: $85.00

3.8/4.1 Jeep Stroker JK Performance Rotating Kit

Jeep JK Rotating Kit .250 stroker crankshaft, H Beam Rods, Forged Pistons, All bearings and rings OPTIONS: MUST SPECIFY WHEN PURCHASING!!! Choose .030 or .060 and also compression 10:1 or 9:1

  • Price: $1,999.00

3.8 Jeep JK HO 240hp Longblock

Jeep JK Stock Replacement Longblock - 235H-260 tq Complete Longblock with forged pipstons, stage 1 camshaft, upgraded oiling system, timing cover. Forged 9.6.1 compression 5/64 ring pack custom cloyes timming set Blue printed race rods arp bolts...

  • Price: $3,999.00

3.8/4.1L Jeep Stroker JK Engine - COMPLETE!!!

3.8/4.1L Jeep Stroker JK Engine - COMPLETE!!!

COMPLETE 3.8/4.1L Jeep STROKER JK ENGINE Includes fully ported performance heads, ported intake, valve covers, oil pan, timing cover, spark plugs, oil filter Performace parts: stage 1 or 2,3,4,5torque monster camshaft 3.650 stroke crankshaft (plus...

  • Price: $5,999.00

4.1 Jeep JK Stroker Kit

4.1 Jeep JK Stroker Kit

4.1L Jeep JK Stroker kit 285HP 385 Torque 

  • Price: $2,999.00